Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer Fun At Camp

Did you think I had ran away to be gone forever?!?!? I have so much to talk about, that if I try and tell it all, it would be too much.

First - camp was just wonderful. The first week, there were young kids (7 years old to 14) running around everywhere enjoying sports, choir, crafts, church, and just chillin'. In the meantime, Brian was busy supervising the tent set-up crew. I have included pictures of the big tent, which is used for the services. Also, there is a connecting tent that serves as the foyer, and the tent with windows is the hospitality tent. It starts on a large parcel of bare ground and transforms into a sanctuary. To say it is a huge task would be an understatement. The three main poles are nearly five stories high. Once the tents are erected, several crews add the extras. Sound, lights, seating, banners, and decorations. Beautiful flower arrangements help camoflauge the many poles. When the second week arrived, everything was set and ready to accommodate the 3,000 plus crowd. The grounds were full of RV's and tents, and excitement was in the air. While most of the kids played outside, the adults were in the tent for daily Bible studies under the tutelage of Dr. Fred Foster. During the evening, the toys were put away and the children went to Kids Church while the adults went to the big tent to enjoy the evening services filled with music and outstanding inspirational messages given by Ronnie Mullings and Scott Graham. Thursday and Friday evenings also featured the WAY Choir and WAY Quartet. They were absolutely outstanding. At the end of the second week, it was time to tear down and youth began to arrive for the 15-25 year old camp.
When we finally arrived back home, we were swamped with "catch-up" work. We had to empty and clean the RV, return it to its place, and start moving more things from our house. Tomorrow, work will begin to restore the house to its livable condition. YEAH!!! I think I see a light at the end of this very long tunnel. More tomorrow.

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  1. Glad to have you back! Camp-Meeting was indeed awesome. Brian did a great job in getting all the tents put up. I know that was HARD work.
    Now I hope you guys can get your home back in order soon.
    Love you BUNCHES!