Monday, September 8, 2008

News Update

EDIT: (I started writing this blog August 28 before my mom's fall. Since the following blog, Josh and Candace have ministered to our congregation again. Josh's ministry is refreshing and Brian enjoyed the break.) 08.28.08 - This has been a busy and fun week-end. Josh Tredway was a guest singer/speaker at our church last Sunday, Wednesday, and returned for today's services. He is married to Candace Monks and they have a darling, newborn, red-headed daughter named Chloe. Josh connected well with our church and we have had numerous miracles this past week. Thank you, Josh and Candace, for taking time to minister to Apostolic Gospel Church of Delano. For more pics, visit their blog at:

Yesterday (Sept. 7), freeWAY was in concert at Ronda's (my fellow blogger) church. Ronda was a great sport when she was chosen to be on stage with the quartet for a humorous moment. Following the concert, Ronda hosted freeWAY in her home with a delicious meal of roast and gravy with all the trimmings which included homemade straight-from-the-oven hot peach cobbler a la mode. Thank you, The Pentecostal Church of Hollister and Pastor and Sis. Hurst for your kind and generous hospitality.

Today I went to my mom's to relieve my sister. Within an hour, I received a call from the school asking me to pick up Bryn because she was sick. Bryce came to watch mom while I now tend to Bryn. The drama in the Allard house never ends.


  1. Thank you Jana for your kinds words. Candace, Chloe and I had a wonderful time at your church ministering. We always feel so at home when we are there in Delano. You have a great church and we were blessed by being there. Thanks again for all the wonderful hospitality. You and Bro. Allard were over the top! We consider you great friends.

  2. I've enjoyed having Bro. Tredway preach! oh...and play the piano, too!

  3. Josh - Brian and I love you and Candace and your darling baby girl. Your ministry was so appreciated and came at a very needed time. God's timing is always the best.

    Chandra - The Tredways are great people. Bro. Tredway's mom and dad, grandma and grandpa have been our friends for umpteen years.

  4. i thought her name was sarah..?

  5. Anonymous - yes, my mother's name is Sarah.