Saturday, September 20, 2008

Protest The Post

A website that is being used to organize a protest against the Washington Post,
has been established. Visit it at:


  1. Glad to see that they established a protest website. The day after the cartoon appeared, I wrote the Post expressing my "Right to Speak" comment. If they can have theirs, I can have mine! It's America, so thank God for that right.

  2. I don't actually care for the author of this strip, Pat Oliphant's, politics nor his dim view of anything conservative. I do however know that if something is out of the norm, it will be criticized, ridiculed and mocked. Being Pentecostal or at the very least, associated with Pentecostals, most of us are guilty of mimicking someone with a distinctive way of speaking in tongues and really don't feel we have done anything wrong in doing so. We are also guilty of mocking the beliefs and traditions of other religions because, after all, they do not have the truth, or so we believe. Come on folks! We need to lighten up and see the humor in life and the way it is viewed through the eyes of others.

  3. Anonymous - First, I have no respect for hiding voices. Your words fall on deaf ears because of your anonymity. If you truly believe something, let the world know. People who believe what they say have no fear of being identified. Furthermore, your assessment of this cartoon is wrong. The cartoon is blasphemous because it put curse words in the mouth of God. If you can't understand that, look up the meaning of the word blaspheme. I will not "lighten up and see humor" in my freedom of religion being mocked any more than I would be humored by the wacko comedian that made fun of a Down Syndrome baby. There are just some lines that are not to be crossed.