Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh, No They Didn't!!!

I received the below message in an e-mail. When I visited the Washington Post link, I found the cartoon to be offensive. Before you jump to conclusions, let me preface this by saying I don't think this has anything to do with the political season but everything to do with my freedom of religion being mocked. Even though I do not share the same beliefs as Sarah Palin, I don't think her choice of religion should be attacked. If they will attack her choice of spirituality, mine will be next. I did write an e-mail to the Washington Post and expressed my displeasure in allowing this offensive cartoon to run. If you find this cartoon to "rub your fur the wrong way," feel free to copy and paste this to your blog and e-mail Washington Post stating your complaint.

The Washington Post ran this cartoon by artist Pat Oliphant dated, 9-09-08. It apparently ran in today's paper, 9-10-08.

I encourage you, if you find this to be as appalling as I do, to let the Post know how you feel about it. Regardless of your political or religious leanings, the gall of putting a curse word in the mouth of God is borderline blasphemous, in my opinion.

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  1. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I agree with 100%. We shouldn't mock religion we don't share (or understand). On the other hand, where was this protest when Barack Obama was bing called a Muslim (which he isn't) and being mocked for liberation theology? Do members of the general population really understand speaking in tongues any more than black Christianity? Do they even want to?

    I know what you're saying, that we must defend each other's religious freedom (so that our own is safe), but when does the offense begin? When it comes close to home? Or when homosexuals aren't welcome in churches unless they "repent" of being who they are?

    The lines we draw are narrow, but they are very, very real. And politics make us all ugly. I won't protest the cartoon, but I won't put it on my blog either.

  2. If this had been the Prophet Mohammed, there would be a full out rebellion and press conference condemning the Post. Let's be fair about that. This isn't just picking on a social nuance of a particular faith.

    Barack's "liberation theology" is another word for racism, and the public can make a decision on that based on the facts. We worship with black Christians, so let's not just chalk Wright up as the official spokesperson of Black Christians. There's a reason Barack is staying clear of him (and actually has been visiting a PAW Church in Chicago). This cartoon didn't just mock a social position of one's faith, but a spiritual and sacred form. It's certainly not apples-to-apples with putting a curse word in the Almighty's mouth. They have a right to print, and we have a right to protest it to show public opinion doesn't support that garbage.

    BTW... I'm not sure of many churches where sinners aren't welcome.

    Thanks for the post, Sis. Jana.

  3. Interesting quote I just had shared with me:

    "Avoid all disrespect to or contempt of the religion of the country and its ceremonies. Prudence, policy, and a true Christian spirit will lead us to look with compassion upon their errors without insulting them. While we are contending for our own liberty, we should be very cautious of violating the rights of conscience in others, ever considering that God alone is the judge of the hearts of men, and to him only in this case they are answerable."

    ~ George Washington, General Orders, September 14, 1775

  4. Jana- here was my email to the Washington Post.

    The cartoon, of Mrs. Sarah Palin, in your September 10, 2008 issue, by Pat Oliphant was at best appalling. Mrs. Palin and I are not of the same faith, however I do "speak in tongues", and found it particularly offensive and in poor taste that your newspaper would stoop so low as to depreciate the value of ones religious heritage to a cartoon. Further, to place curse words in the mouth of the Almighty is infinitely disturbing. If this is the best that Oliphant can do to find political fallout on Mrs. Palin, then she must be a fantastically pure and wonderful person. To attack ones political views is acceptable-to attack ones religious beliefs is despicable. I believe in freedom of the press but not to the point of attacking a persons personal faith and their commitment to it.

    Thank you babe for being so forthcoming with, and pointing out, this horrendous cartoon attacking the power of the Holy Ghost! Cartoonist beware when the Holy Spirit finishes with you!

  5. Wow I don't think Sis Helen Losse could have said it any better! She stole the words right out of my mouth.. TO THE TEE!!! Very eloquent and WELL put! For my thoughts read her comment over again!

  6. James-- I know of many churches where "certain" sinners aren't fully welcome. "Christians" get uncomfortable when a homosexual is visiting. Honestly, after the young men know their sexual orientation do you think they would treat him the same?! Trust me they wouldn't. I've personally seen it 1st hand (at our church.. yes OUR church) when they found out our friend Kearnan from Davis was homosexual and visited our church twice. So that statement should hit us both close to home and make our eyes a little wider. Needless to say, these issues ARE in churches and religions of all sorts! Keep in mind the washington post is MEDIA SKEWED perspective...Looking at it in that light, makes me just roll my eyes not get in an upheaval about it.

  7. Helen - You raise several arguments but I would like to offer my opinion. The USA constitution upholds freedom of religion and that is why religious diversification is so great in our country. When Barack Obama was being called a Muslim, people were not mocking the Muslim religion but rather offering their opinion as to whether he was dishonest in his religious representation. I have lived in a Muslim country, the community I now live in has a mosque, and I will not mock them. In fact, I have been known to admire their dedication to pray five times a day. I may not agree with their theology but I do defend their right to freedom of religion.

    Concerning my post, I personally feel there is a big difference between discrimination and mockery. Some churches don't welcome "sinners" and they are wrong. You are right that politics make us ugly and this cartoon was driven by vicious politics at the expense of religion. I am very offended to see a cartoon that puts curse words in the mouth of God and felt it was my moral obligation to voice my displeasure. As you know, we can only bring change by our willingness to fight wrong.

    James - I think you are right this would be a huge issue if the cartoonist had mocked the Muslims. Christianity is facing greater persecution daily. If these other people want freedom of religion, they need to support the same freedom for Christianity.

    Mark - I love the quote. That is a sermon in and of itself.

    Brian - great response. Thanks for standing up for what you believe.

    Carissa - I will defend your right to freedom of speech but that doesn't mean I will always agree with you. It is time to fight the "skewed" media. Christians have sat quiet too long. It is time for Christians to believe what they preach - love people, live moral, speak truth. I will not allow a liberal, skewed media post curse words in the mouth of God without voicing my strong displeasure.

  8. Kissa,
    I suppose I can't speak for 1,000+ other human beings, but I know the policy of our church in whole, is that all sinners are welcome. Trust me. There are former homosexuals in successful marriages (in our church) that would blow your mind.

    Churches are a place for sinners... and the only hope they have. A sinner open about their sin toward others and unrepentant will definitely feel uncomfortable - at least it will be that way in an Apostolic church.

    But homosexuals not being welcome in some churches is really a side argument for this despicable comic. It's as if I can hear the words of mockery and shouts of "crucify Him" all over again. They have the freedom to do it, but again, we also have the freedom to stand up and say we don't appreciate it.

  9. Carissa, because a person is uncomfortable with somebody's sexual orientation does not make them a bad person, just human, it also does not make them a bad Christian. I have plenty of non-christian friend who are not comfortable with homosexuals.

    I have a cousin who is gay and friend who are gay. Yes they are sinners, but I don't look at them any differently than any other unsaved people and we shouldn't. Please don't jump on good christian people for lack of tolerance. You will see that many christians want to save these people and are very tolerable, but if they aren't you should respect that.

    James I a agree with you, we as Christians have just rolled over and allowed the world and the liberal press to just walk all over us. God has been kicked out of our schools, but yet everything else is OK. It has become a right for liberals to express their opinions and doctrines and we must tolerate it, and we cannot publicly express God without being criticized or being cast out.

    The cartoon is just ignorance on the media's part, it is sad, but we as christian's should speak out and let them know that this is not OK. this would not be any different than a homosexual speaking out about a derogatory cartoon about gays.

  10. This is obnoxious and personally offensive, since I am a tongue-talking Pentecostal.

    Thank you, Jana, for alerting me to this cartoon.

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  13. Carissa, James, and Aaron - I received two comments from Carissa and posted them before reading them in their entirety. Her second message asked me to delete the two messages. Carissa, if someone read the two messages before I got them deleted, I apologize. For the record, I think it is fair to say, Carissa was choosing "not to reply to both your comments" but did express some further opinions. Maybe you all can get together and finish the discussion since she chooses not to voice further on this public blog.

  14. Aaron - thanks for dropping by my blog and you are welcome anytime. I know your comment was directed to Carissa, but let me add I agree with your comment, "It is sad, but we as christian's should speak out and let them know that this is not OK. this would not be any different than a homosexual speaking out about a derogatory cartoon about gays."

  15. Sis. Buxton - feel free to copy and post this on your blog so we can gain further attention to this "obnoxious and personally offensive" comic. It truly disgusted me.

  16. Sis Allard-- Thanks so much! Just wanted to be polite and make sure I didnt offend anyone. Sorry James and Aaron if I did so.Love ya'll. I appreciate you deleting my comments :) No biggie.

  17. I am SO MAD!! That is SICK!! I bet they would NEVER make fun of the Islamic Religious fanatics!!!!

    If you don't mind I am going to copy and paste this in my blog.

    I am going to make a complaint!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Jana,

    On further research I found these email addresses people can respond to:;;;;;

  19. Lorraine - thank you for the additional information. I am going to send my first message to all these other people, too. I am glad you posted this to your blog. We all have different audiences and the more other people post this, it will generate more attention.

  20. So, persecution...
    Stand up for Truth and Righteousness and be counted.
    Appalling but not surprising. What's next?
    I grew up very close to politics in my parents home.
    I learned a thing or two, my father told me of today's world, he had "inside information". We have "inside information" about the spirit world.
    What does God think about all this? To coin a well know acronym ... WWJD?


  22. Catherine - thanks for the comment. You gave me much to think about. Personally, I feel Jesus would be angered but sin not.

    Anonymous - a hiding voice is never heard. Before you cast your vote, you should prayerfully consider some of the extreme ways Obama has voted to suppport gross sin. Infanticide is murder and he is the only one who voted for it. Even the most liberal Democrats and Republicans had enough sense to oppose it. As a Christian, first consider your moral obligation.

  23. I think it's kind of funny because McCain claims to be a baptist but he isn't even baptised.

  24. Anonymous - another (or the same) hiding voice is really meaningless to me. However, just to let others know my opinion, McCain was raised Episcopalian which performs baptisms on infants. Chances are he was baptized as an infant. Later in life, he joined a Baptist church with his family and some of his children have been baptized in the Baptist church. I really don't care if he was or wasn't baptized and it has nothing to do with the political season. If you told me he supported killing live infants, that would raise my blood pressure. Presidents don't make laws about baptism but they have a voice in creating laws that allow infanticide.