Monday, September 22, 2008

Current Events In My World

Well, where do I start?! First, I want to thank all of you for your prayers, thoughts, and kind words during the recent ordeal with my mother. Although she is improving, we still stay with her 24/7. She is now able to raise herself up from her bed using her left arm and can get up and down from her rocking chair. This past Friday, she had an X-Ray on her forearm because there was a suspicion the radius or ulner may also be broken. Thankfully, the bones are not broke but there is one bone that has a small separation from the wrist. Doctor thinks it will be alright and has started some small exercise to improve movement and strength. Considering the severity of her injuries, she is doing remarkably well. Now, we need to schedule a dental appointment because she thinks a tooth is cracked from the fall. I think she can handle a dental appointment much easier than the surgery and trauma she has been through. :)

On another note, freeWAY has been quite busy. The first weekend of September, they were in Woodland for the 5th pastoral anniversary of Nik and Summer Schexnayder and the next day had a concert in Hollister, California at The Pentecostal Church pastored by Nathan and Ronda Hurst. The second weekend they performed at Six Flags Magic Mountain for the annual Praise On The Mountain concert then had concerts the next day in Exeter, California with Pastor and Sis. Phillips and Pastor and Sis. Demyan, and the evening concert was at our church. This weekend, they sang at the SoCal District Men's Conference Friday and Saturday in El Monte, California. Sunday was a busy day singing in San Diego at three services for The Anchor pastored by Jim and Joanie Larson. They were invited to sing in the Philippines at a crusade which is currently in the planning stages. They are estimating the crowd to be around 200,000. Rev. Gordan Mallory spoke a word of prophesy over the boys and said thousands will be saved when they minister. I am so proud of these boys. Yes, I know they are "men" but I still call them boys. They are my boys (yes, I claim them all even though I only birthed one of them) and I am proud of 'em.


  1. So thankful to hear that your mom is on the road to recovery. She is precious and deserves better than to be limited in her activity. And how wonderful to hear about freeWAY. Busy group, and what a blessing they will be in the Phillipines. Praying it all works out soon for them to go. Do take care (try to slowdown), and love you guys.

  2. Jana, they did a great job the night I heard them @ SoCal Men's Conference.

  3. Karen - Currently, my days are, for the most part, spent with my mom. She is worried about the future and if she will ever be able to use her arm again. I told her with God all things are possible and she will recover. She is just impatient. BUT, that's a good sign. She is doing so much better thanks to the many prayers for her. As for freeWAY, Brian just can't stop talking about this past weekend. He said Bro. Mallory prophesied over many and it was an incredible service.
    Thanks for your concern. I love you, too.

    Mark - Glad you were able to be at the conference and visit with Brian. He enjoyed being there and was proud of the boys.

  4. Hi Jana, Glad to hear your mom is doing better.

  5. Helen - thanks. Your prayers have played a vital role in her recovery.