Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bakersfield/Delano Tea Party

Chris Cassone, recording artist
Kevin Jackson, author, talk show host, columnist
Jana Allard, local girl singing for Jesus :)
Ed Valov and me
Inga Barks, talk show host and me
Me and former senator Phil Wyman
(He is running for senator again in 2010)

Last evening, I was honored to sing at the Patriot Political Tea Party. It was quite an interesting evening! There were special speakers from across the nation. A few were, Kevin Blackford, Bill Lind, talk show host Inga Barks, talk show host Jim Franklin, author Kevin Jackson, Ken Mettler, Mario Santoyo, Judy Holloway, and more. Chris Cassone was a featured artist who sang his original song, "Taking Our Country Back" (which he recently performed at the mall in Washington, D.C. before an audience of nearly 2 million) and a Christian rock band called Set In Stone. This event was hosted and organized by John Pandol of Pandol and Sons and Ed Valov owner of Irrigation Concepts. The hot topic was getting water turned on in the Central Valley of California. It is a shame that politicians value a two inch fish more than human life! Farmers and farm workers came together to fight the politics that are causing their jobs to disappear. It was a great night highlighted by visiting with high school friends that I have not seen in years.


  1. Jana, that's awesome. I know you did great too. Congratulations!

  2. Ronda - It was quite an experience. I did not realzize there were going to be people from all over the nation. I will probably be invited to another one in the spring.