Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ol Fashioned Manners

Thoughtfulness for others,

generosity, modesty and self-respect,

are the qualities which make

a real gentleman or lady.

- Thomas H. Huxley

It seems the above mentioned qualities are now considered "old-fashioned" and disrespect, selfishness, and immodesty has become the "norm." In spite of the new "norm", impeccable manners will quickly attract attention and great admiration. I have made it a point to use manners with my children from the time they were babies. If I step in front of them, I say, "Excuse me." By making a habit to display good manners, I found my first child using the same mannerly expression at just 18 months old. It may strike you funny, but I will even use manners when I step past my little doggie. What will it take to bring a revival of courtesy? Manners is a parental responsibility and it is never too early to start using them.


  1. I whole-heartedly agree with you! I play for a choir made up of volunteer senior citizens. Though my children are FAR from perfect,these seniors were astounded by how "well behaved" and "courteous" my children were when we first started working with the group. It has been four years and they still find my children this way.

    One of the ladies, who is a tutor, marveled that my children do not curse and are not "the norm" you mentioned above. In fact, she has "adopted" all four of us!!!

    Jana M

  2. Manners and courtesy still have a place in our society. Personal thought, the church family is one place where these, “old fashion,” practices should be on open display.


  3. Neat, Jana. I agree with you. Happened to write in a general manner on the same subject today. Love you.

  4. Jana M - Like you, I have received many compliments on my kids manners. Hopefully, you and I are doing something right. This parenting thing is scary at times.

    Merv - I agree. Manners should be readily displayed amongst Christians.

    Sis. Buxton - I will go right over to your blog and read your thoughts. I always enjoy your writings.