Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Congratulations, Chaplain Allard

Delano Chief of Police
Taking his oath
Blake pinning on the badge
Blake feeling quite proud with his dad
Chief DeRossia & Jillian Palacpac (Bryce's childhood sweetheart)
Chief DeRossia and Brian
(notice our city hall still proudly displays,
In God We Trust)
For several years, Brian has been a chaplain for the Kern County Sheriff Department. On Monday, Brian was also sworn in as a chaplain for the Delano Police. We allowed Bryn and Blake to go with us for the ceremony (they were an hour late to school) and Blake had the honor of pinning on his dad's new badge. One thing is certain, Brian is a giving person and is willing to help not only the church organization with which he is affiliated, his local assembly, but also his community. Part of his duties include notifying family of a death, helping small children who are taken into protective services, and more. Brian always has his gear bag stocked with a few plush animals he can give children who are involved in tragic circumstances. I'm proud of my dear husband.
Congrats, Brian!
Also, we were surprised to see Jillian Palacpac. She went to elementary school with Bryce and she was his "sweetheart" for many years. Jillian was sworn in and is now starting her new job of taking calls and working with dispatch. Congrats to Jill.


  1. Congrats!! Pastor, Ones that are honored to know you are bless to know that you are such a giving and loving person, I appreciate all that you do. And I am proud to say you were and can still be counted on and know that you are loved by me. God Bless, Cheri

  2. Congratulations to Brian....and to Jill.

  3. Bro. Allard;
    A goal attained is a great stepping stone to the next goal.


  4. Thank you to Cheri, Sis. Hopper, Bro. Mervi, Anonymous, and Jennifer for your congratultions! I hope I can make difference in someone's life.