Thursday, April 26, 2007


It is now my distinct pleasure to return the kindness and give awards to bloggers who make me think.

My first award goes to Debbie Pryor because she is the one who put the thought in my head to begin blogging. I love to read her blog. I must admit, she doesn't post as often as I would like but, she has caused me to think.

I think the goal of these awards are to find other people, but I feel I must give my second award to Helen Losse because she makes me think in such ways that I am at times filled with inspiration, gain great comical relief, or feel such strong emotions. If we lived near each other, I would want to meet on a regular basis. Actually, Helen has been the one who has made blogging the most fun for me because I can never predict her response and I look for her responses first.

My third award goes to Mark Pryor. He posts frequently and always has thought provoking quotes, stories, sermons, and more. He is also the husband to my dear friend, Debbie.

I must add an HONORABLE MENTION to Ronda. Her blog has a great variety. Sometimes she makes me think, other times she takes me to other places with her great photos, and frequently gives me a good laugh. My favorite recent post was a photo of her great-nephew pouting. Too cute!


  1. Good job sis Allard, I have went to all the blogs you post and I think they are all great. Two thumbs up and a snap for My Pastor Mark Pryor and our first lady Sis Pryor, they are awsome.

  2. Beka - aren't they great?!! Thanks for dropping by.

  3. WOW Jana. You blow me away.

    In the foreword to my thesis, I qouted NASCAR driver Kyle Petty, whom I admire a great deal for a number of reasons. When, in a television interview, I heard him say. "I've been out of order most of my life," I knew that man had seen deep in my soul. Maybe you have, also.

    I do not worry much about being "out of order." I think about hearing the words, Well done." That is my life's goal.

    Thank you for this award.

    Love, Helen

  4. Jana, Thanks for the honorable mention! I really appreciate it.
    Love you,

  5. Helen - I almost feel a post coming on! How in the world can two people who have never met, connect in such a strong way? It's funny you mention order. I have never been one to conform. I never wanted what was popular because I desired individuality. The only pat on the back I need, is when the Lord calls me home.

  6. Ronda - you are most welcome. I really do enjoy your blog.

  7. Jana, thank you for honorable award. You, my friend, are amazing.

  8. Jana, thank you for the award.

    My bad for not having commented on this sooner, been a crazy past few days. :-)

    Your blog is phenomenal and I always enjoy visiting and reading, but I have to be honest and admit that I enjoy it even better when Deb and I get to hang out with you and Brian at Starbucks like we did tonight.

    BTW I was just telling Deb we need to get up to Delano and see you all soon. :-)

  9. Debbie - we both love to think and discuss. That is probably part of the reason we are such good friends. You always make me feel better after we have had a visit. Thanks for being such a dear friend.

  10. Mark - I agree. It is so much more fun when you, Deb, Brian and I get to hang out together. You and Debbie are such great friends and we are so thankful for your friendship.