Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chance Of A Lifetime

A day dawns, quite like other days; in it, a single hour comes, quite like other hours; but in that day and in that hour the chance of a lifetime faces us.- Maltbie Babcock

After reading this quote, I immediately wondered how many people have missed a chance of a lifetime because they were so stuck in their routine and unable to spontaneously "go for it." Then, I wondered what would be classified as a "chance of a lifetime." Is it something that only gives personal gratification or could that "chance" save someone else? Because we live in such a selfish society, most people would probably consider a chance of a lifetime as winning the lottery. Yet, each day we pass many "chances" without recognizing the opportunity before us. How about some of these chances - to kiss the face of your sleeping child, to take time to converse with a lonely senior citizen, to show a random act of kindness, and share God's love. In this day, and in this hour, I had the chance to pray for you. In this moment, I asked God to send angels to guard over you and keep you safe from harm and danger. Let me know if you feel the wind of the angels wings.


  1. Jana, This is totally off subject. But you asked about Nikki Giovanni. Here's a link to her reading "We Are Virginia Tech" last week.

  2. Wow babe-what a great thought. Are you writing a book or devotional that I don't know about?

  3. Brian - I wish I was writing a book! Maybe some day I will get enough inspiration to do just that. I like it when you drop by my blog! :)

  4. Deon - thinking is good! Glad you dropped by.

  5. Great post! Keeps us thinking.