Saturday, April 7, 2007

Bryn and David

Bryn is still in love with David. (That should be said in a sing-song voice, Daaay-ved.) Last summer while traveling with the Western All-State Youth Choir, David Leonardo (a choir member) always took time to play with Bryn. His attention towards her, captured her everlasting love. She has an old, non-functioning cell phone that she uses to "call" David, and some of these "conversations" are hysterical. She couldn't wait to get to Youth Convention because she would probably see David. Well, she did get to see him and even get another snapshot. It was the highlight of the conference for Bryn.

P.S. Ronda, you will have to let David know I posted this picture.


  1. That's sweet. And I'm glad David loves her back. There's nothing like four-year-old love, unrequited. Helen

  2. Oh, Helen, it is just too cute. Fortunately, David's girlfriend is not the jealous type. LOL There was a photo booth at the conference where Bryn took pictures by herself. She signed a wallet just for Daaaay-ved.