Saturday, April 21, 2007

Brian's Incognito Faces

This was so funny I had to post it!


  1. Hi Jana:

    This was funny. What a neat idea to do for someone's birthday. My hubby's b-day is coming up next month. I think I will try it on him. Thanks for the idea.

    Karen : )

  2. Oh boy, does this mean that me and Brian look alike since one of his celebrity look alikes is Larry King? LOL This is to funny!

  3. Karen - we have laughed so much at using different pics to see what other faces are presented. They have all been funny, but check back for a very correct one I will post in a few days.

  4. Ronda - You? Larry King? I am telling you there was a computer glitch somewhere!!! ROTF We have laughed so hard over this stupid little thing. Thanks to Gene! It is too funny!!! You and Brian look alike about as much as an elephant and a bunny rabbit.