Saturday, October 11, 2008

Get Going

Don't wait for your "ship to come in"
and feel angry and cheated when it doesn't.
Get going with something small
- Irene Kassorla

I have often said, "With my luck, I'll be at the airport when my ship comes in!" Guess that means I better work with whatever I have regardless of how great or small.


  1. LOL @ your comment, but now on to the you know I love quotes, but that one is AWESOME!!!

  2. So thoughts are rather than be frustrated if the ship arrives and I'm @ the airport I'll just catch a plane! I agree no need sitting around let's just get going! Great post!!

  3. This is very true. Anyone who's waiting until he/she gets rich will have a long, long wait.

    If you won't be happy where you are with what you have, you won't be happy.

  4. Mark - I have resolved I will never be rich enough to do all I want. But is it okay to wish? I want a huge old-world catherdral (think Notre Dame or St. Peter's Bascillica) looking church with all modern equipment inside, a youth chapel that looks like Edwards theatre, and a hotel like structure with studio apartments for the senior citizens of the church. I better stop now because my list can get much longer. LOL

    Tracie - I gotta get going with what I have even if the transmission is slipping. :)

    Helen - you are right. Happiness is a choice.

  5. Sis Allard I remember your list from a long time ago on Sis Buxton's blog, when we could all get rich :)
    I'm the same way, just get going, come on let's go!
    Even if the transmission slips, guess what, if I'm doing it for God, it will be okay.