Sunday, October 26, 2008


What a card!
Love that charm! LOL

Awww! What a smile!

She loved her dinner!

Wish made and candles are nearly out!

Fun! Present time!

Today my baby, darling, princess is seven years old. I have to admit, this has been the most fun seven years of my life. She is my lil partner. Where has time flown to and is there any way of slowing it down?!?!? This has actually been a "birthday week" for Bryn. Her paternal grandparents were leaving on a trip to Europe so we met them on Tuesday to celebrate Bryn's b-day. Yesterday, we celebrated her birthday with the rest of the family at our house. This is the first birthday, of all three of my kids, where I didn't cook. After Brian cooked for my birthday at the first of the month, Bryn decided to ask daddy to cook for her. She placed her order telling him, "We can first have Benihana soup and salad as the appetizer, and then the vegetables, Hibachi chicken and shrimp and fried rice as the main dish. Oh, I want a red cake, too." There is no way daddy was going to tell his princess, "No." LOL I should add, Brian has figured out several of the Benihana recipes including the ginger sauce and salad dressing which is sooooo good! Bryn enjoyed her dinner, cake, and excitedly opened presents. She is such a doll and brings so much joy to our home.


  1. Bryn, Happy Birthday!!!

    Wishing we could have been there to celebrate with y'all.

    Mark Pryor

  2. Happy Birthday to Bryn. Happy No-Cooking-Day to you. ;-)

  3. Happy Birthday to Bryn! How cool to have your dad cook for you. I hope you enjoyed your special day!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYN BABY!! Daddy will cook every year for his little girl!

    love you baby,


  5. Mark - We sure did miss you, Deb, and Sheldon. The food was fabulous and we had leftovers today! LOL

    Helen - it was a wonderful day. Brian is a fabulous cook and the entire family loves it when he cooks. Our family has been fortunate to eat at a restaurant called Benihana which is a Japanese restaurant. We don't have one near us, but it is quite expensive anyways. Lunch time is more affordable but Brian figured out their recipes and we have the best price now. :) Brian just wishes we had an island in our kitchen that had a grill. He does everything on the stove but a Teppan table would be the easiest. My favorite part of the dinner is the fresh ginger sauce he makes. It's like the whipped cram on a sundae. LOL

    Jen - thank you for you good wishes.

    Carol - There isn't anything that Brian wouldn't do for his princess.

    Brian, my love - Thank you so much for the lovely dinner and all the effort you put into Bryn's birthday celebration. The dinner was fabulous! You're the best!

  6. Helen - that was supposed to say whipped CREAM on the previous comment, not CRAM. LOL

  7. Happy Birthday, Bryn! Someday I want to meet you. I know I will like you a lot!!!

  8. Linda - I think you would love to meet my sweet Bryn. I also think Bryn would love to meet your granddaughters!

  9. Happy Birthday Bryn!! I'm glad you had a great day!!

  10. Hello Bryn, Happy Birthday from Arizona, I have met you, and love you too, wish we knew each other more,

  11. Happy Birthday, darling Bryn. We'll have to celebrate your birthday again real soon. We love you!!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Bryn. Glad you had a wonderful day - and pray that blessings will be yours throughout the year.

  13. I have UNSUCCESSFULLY kidnapped this child! she's a doll! lol Happy bday Bryn Anika.