Sunday, October 19, 2008

What Group Are You In?

"People can be divided into three groups:
those who make things happen,
those who watch things happen,
and those who wonder what happened."
~~ John W.Newbern


  1. ice quote. But I think reality is, we're in all three at different times.

  2. I have tarried to be one of those who make things happen. More than once I have been a part of those who help things happen, even if the THING was not my idea.

    We are still asking our God to touch your eye.


  3. Helen - since age happens, I think I will dread the "wonder what happened" the most. LOL

    Mervi - it seems I have been the one that made things happen too much, and I despise the ones who jst watch things happen. LOL My preferred method is to be part of a team that makes things happen.

  4. Oh my, I have a split personality as I can easily relate to all three

  5. Karen - Can you hear me chuckling? LOL

  6. Come to think of it Jana. I think this group was targed to Golden Agers. With the memory pauses, we never know who we are.

  7. Hey Sis. Allard, I do believe there have been times that I have MADE things happened and then wondered, WHAT HAPPENED? If you know what I mean. LOL!!!