Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Continues

I realize it is the day after Christmas, but I just found this youtube link. Myles Young is a recording artist and songwriter. I sang a duet with him a few years ago on one of his WestCoast projects. In my opinion, this California Christmas song should be used at Disney California.


  1. Interesting video, Jana. And yes, Christmas continues. Yes.

  2. Helen - I wanted to share the song and that was the only thing I could find. The video "dates" the song and I also think to keep the song current, the part about Arnold could be revised. (If Myles reads this comment, please know I LOVE the song and I am not attacking your creation, just offering some critique. LOL) I do like how the song highlights this great state of California. We have such diversity of people, climates, geography, and cultures. The song does bring all of that to the imagination. Like you, I think Christmas never ends.

  3. I heard this song on one of his church sites and loved it!