Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Amber

Today, I want to wish my niece, Amber (pictured above with her husband Charlie), a Happy Birthday. She was the first grandchild on her maternal side of the family and was instantly the star of the family. Full of ambition, she went to college and soon met her husband-to-be, Charlie. They married in 1997 and for most of their married time, Amber has been a stay at home mom to their children, Clay, Brooklyn, and Terri-Renae. (Thanks to Charlie's excellent job with the railroad.) I don't get to see Amber often but she is never far from my heart. If she reads this, I want her to know: You were the cutest, bald-headed baby, you were born to dance, I can still hear you singing when you were just two years old, no one can play Uno like you and Bryce, you were a gorgeous teenager, are a beautiful lady, you have become a woman who will tackle any challenge, I'm proud to be your aunt, and I love you dearly.
(For a more recent photo of Amber, view my older post dated November 19, 2008. )


  1. Happy Birthday Amber!!! Hope you are well and are as fun and full of excitement and mishchief as you were 10 years ago (has it really been that long???). I love you and think about you often.

  2. VonDeLeigh - Amber is as fun as ever. I don't get to see her often, but she occasionally visits my mom and, if I am there, we are sure to laugh alot. She is such a nut. LOL I wish you could see her kids. They are absolutely darling.