Monday, December 29, 2008

Random Pictures

Even dogs have "bad pic" days - LOL
The week before Christmas Sunday, we had another baby dedication. They are always so precious.
Karry & Bryn acting like they were going to attack Blake's gingerbread house.
Bryce visited Blake's Sunday School class and couldn't resist making a gingerbread house, too.

Bryn and Sheldon walking down a street at Knott's Berry Farm. Each year, Knott's Berry Farm has a Fire & Law month. Because Brian is a Kern County Sheriff Chaplain, we were able to get in free to Knott's Berry Farm and our kids were only $15. Sheldon tagged along with us.
Part of the Camp Snoopy Ice Show. This show was approximately 45 minutes and it was worth the entire day. In fact, we went twice.
Bryn, Blake & Sheldon with the stunt cowboy cast.
Blake ready to get on a roller coaster.
Bryn loved the manger scene at Knott's Berry Farm.
Bryn picking up her friend Katelyn.
Bryn and Frosty.


  1. Great pictures! That dessert looks awesome!

  2. Hey let's go to Extraordinary Desserts when we go to San Diego!

  3. Gene - thanks.

    Brian - I'm ready to go! BUT......I sure don't need any dessert after all the red cake I have been eating! :) MUAH!

  4. Very nice. See you guys are in So Cal. We are doing the same right now. We've been taking in a lot of museums, parks, history this time. Been fun but boy are Bro Hopper and I tired. Kellee is with us and I believe we've held her back.

  5. Karen - sounds like Kellee is running your legs off! LOL I love that girl! She is so much fun. Actually, we are home. The pics at Knott's Berry Farm were taken the week before Christmas but I didn't have time to get them on my blog until now. LOL Hope you have a great New Year!

  6. Jana, great pictures. Looks like all of the kids had a great time. I know Sheldon really enjoyed himself...of course he always does when he is around Bryn and blake.