Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fervent Convictions

The height of your accomplishments will equal the depth of your convictions.
- William F. Scolavino
Much like common sense, convictions seem to be nearing extinction yet, convictions are what give us the driving force to pursue our beliefs, establish our path, and determine our accomplishments or lack thereof. To cast away strong convictions, weakens one's platform. Maintain your acceptable standard and pursue higher principles.


  1. Yes!
    Sis Allard, you have stured me. After reading your point convictions. I may rise upon my soap box with a blog about teh lack there of.


  2. I'm not sure I believe this. Yes, convictions are essential to ministry (which is life) and must run deep. But one can have deep convictions and see no results (accomplishments).

    Seeing isn't what's important; believing is. So Id' say,"The height of your accomplishments may have nothing to do with the depth of your convictions," but keep on believing.

  3. Mervi - Glad the post made you think. :) I take that as a compliment.

    Tracie - thanks.

    Helen - I think if you and I could sit down with a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate, we could discuss this topic for awhile and we would both be further enlightened. I understand your point, but I also believe the depth of a person's convictions is what drives them to do something. You, Helen, have very deep convictions about prejudice and racism and it has driven you to take action. There may be people who have a conviction about prejudice and racism but the conviction is not deep enough to cause them to act. The deeper the conviction, the stronger the driving force becomes to take action or, as the quote stated, accomplish.

  4. Indeed, my convictions cause me to take action, but that doesn't mean others are convinced. "Accomplishing something" seems to imply I've been successful in changing others. But the world's still full of people who don't seem to want to know what racism really is and how they, too, can fight it.

    I don't think we're in disagreement; it's just two ways of looking for the same truth.

  5. Helen - yes, I think we are ultimately on the same page just two different perspectives. It is something I would enjoy discussing with you because it can go in so many different angles. Wish you lived closer! I'd have you meet me where we could have something hot to drink and a nice dessert. ;) It is getting really cold here and I think I am ready to make some hot tea.

  6. Convictions are wonderful as long as we don't get caught in confusing them with personal preferences. Unfortunately, this is happening more and more, which definitely deteriorates our accomplishments. Think I'll stop here without elaborating.

  7. Karen - AMEN!!! This is my blog so...LOL...I'll say what I think. There are too many people who think the only convictions they have are their outward appearance. Wish some of those people would get a conviction to live II Corinthians 13. Convictions are so much more than holiness. You know, Sis. Hopper, you, Helen, and I could enjoy a big discussion about this over hot chocolate and cookies. :)

  8. I think Helen needs to move to California so we can have sitdown discussions with the aid of chocolate and cookies. Won't that be fun! BTW: Your words were my thinking exactly. If we are only looking at outward holiness to make Heaven, we've missed the whole Gospel message.

  9. Karen - I'm ready to plan the party! :)