Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jonathan Contreras

I realize it is past the season, but Brian finally uploaded to YouTube the video of Jonathan Contreras playing "Carol of the Bells" at our 2008 Christmas Concert. What you must know, Jonathan is completely self-taught. His fingering is impeccable and his desire to play is great.


  1. Past the season. What? Jana, It's either Christmas Day or Christmas is coming. You know that.

    What a beautiful rendition.

  2. Helen - Yes, I do know that but not everyone celebrates Christmas everyday the way you and I do. Thanks for the compliment. I am so proud of Jonathan.

  3. Very talented young man. Amazing how most who are self-taught are outstanding musicians.

  4. Karen - thanks for the comment. Jonathan is truly gifted.

    Amazing Grace - welcome to my blog and than you for the compliment. Jonathan is a great guy.