Sunday, March 29, 2009

Love And Time

While in a place of business a few days ago, the lyrics of a song caught my attention. The words were, "You can spend all your time making love, or spend all your love making time." I do not know the songwriter or what was the basic thought behind the song but those words did cause me to think about balance. If all my time was spent making love (not meaning this as a sexual act), I would never accomplish the daily tasks needed for survival. On the other hand, if I spent all my love making time, I would become the typical workaholic. The fact is, I need to spend time making (creating, sharing, giving) love to everyone I daily encounter and not spending all my love on making time. Time is critical to our careers and daily duties but there must be a balance of love and time. I must find the right balance. Enough time to work, and enough time to love.


  1. Jana, The song is "Take It to the Limit" by the Eagles. Listen

    The song is about missed opportunity and the longing to get it right.

  2. Helen - thanks for the link. The lyrics provoked thought for me.