Thursday, March 19, 2009

WDLC Praise Team

Here's a short segment of the praise team and band at the Western District Ladies Conference in Sacramento under the direction of fellow blogger Ronda Hurst. The drummer is Ronda's son Than and he is also a fellow blogger with a great sense of humor. If you need a laugh, visit his blog.


  1. You did a great job at WDLC, and the worship team was awesome too.

    But, I'm wondering if there are any plans to "not allow men" at the conference next year. It seems a shame that with so many talented ladies in our district that we had men there. Other than Bro. Terry running sound, I don't think the men should be allowed. I've heard that it makes some speakers uncomfortable, as they are not truly free to speak on whatever is on their hearts that truly relates to women; and I also know of a few women who don't feel at liberty to truly worship when they know young men and possibly even their pastor are watching.

    I've always enjoyed going to WDLC in the past, but am thinking of not attending in the future because of this issue. Any ideas/comments?

    P.S. I also heard that some of the men who were there did not have to pay to get in - that is really upsetting considering some women aren't able to attend because of the cost involved.

    Thank you.

    P.P.S. Regarding allowing Bro. Terry - I believe that he is so busy taking care of and running the sound that he does not have time to watch or pay attention to the ladies and their actions.

  2. Anonymous - first let me say, hiding behind anonymity invalidates any of your points. If you are serious about your complaints, then sign your name to it and send it to the ladies committee.

    The Western District Ladies Committee is under the direct authority of the Western District Board and is wholeheartedly submitted to them. Any minister in the district is welcome to attend our conference free of charge and we are happy when they do. When a minister visits our conference, he sees first hand how our conference operates. It is important to us that we have the support of the ministry. Our district superintendent, currently Pastor Allen Abbey, is always there and each year we have a nearby pastor welcome the ladies to the area. This year, Pastor Nik Schexnayder gave us a fabulous welcome. My husband is one pastor who faithfully attends the ladies conference and encourages the men in our church to take time off their jobs to babysit so their wives can attend. It is such great support that our department appreciates.

    Any men you may have seen, were either a minister or had a specific reason for being there. Each year, Bro. Stuart runs our sound and he doesn't miss anything. He could nearly quote the entire conference to you. That's his job - listening - so he can perfect the sound. Each year, there are men at our conference who travel from the Pentecostal Publishing House in St. Louis to avail us of the lovely bookstore.
    This year, one soloist brought her church band and praise team and it was a delight to have her participation in our conference. The men who helped her were not refused to stay for the remainder of the service and were allowed to worship with us. I personally thought it was great to see those relatively new babes in Christ worship wholeheartely with a lady speaker. They were just hungry for the Word.

    If you were to attend the ladies conference in the Florida district, you would find that the entire band and praise team is men. They do this deliberately to allow all the women the freedom to worship. Our district has not made such a decision, but male musicians are welcomed.

    Furthermore, the conference is not designed to have women speaking on risque topics. It is for the benefit of strengthening our walk with God, encouragement, and fellowship. Personal issues should be taken to your pastor or pastor's wife. We had great speakers this year who addressed women in a positive manner. Are you a wholehearted woman? Are you a mother in Israel? I don't think it gets any better than what we had this year.

    If there are women who cannot worship because a man is in the room, they need to seek counsel with their pastor and seek the Holy Ghost. A Holy Ghost filled woman does not wait a year for ladies conference to arrive so she can worship. If she cannot worship because her pastor may be watching or a man is in the building, she needs some serious help. Ladies Conference worship is not designed to show skin, flash your bodies, etc. Worship should always be proper and holy.

    Many blessings to you and I hope I have sufficiently answered your questions.

  3. Thinking of you, Jana. I've been busy waiting. LOL

  4. Kellee told me how great the conference was. This year for sure I thought I'd be able to come but once again the medical aspects took over. It is wonderful to see the worship, and wonderful to hear what a great event it was. Love ya.

  5. Helen - Thanks for your thoughts. I have felt as if I were in a whirlwind. Maybe tomorrow I will have time to relax with my family. The laundry is almost caught up. LOL

    Karen - In all the years I have been part of the ladies department, I would have to say this was the best conference yet. I enjoyed chatting with Kellee for a few minutes. I love that girl! She is always cheerful and so much fun! Maybe you can get the CD's of Sis. Linville. I'm sure you would enjoy the laughs. The lady is hysterically funny.

  6. Sis. Jana, thank you for this video clip. Even though it embarrassed my boys (DON'T let that EVER stop you in the future :-)), I AM SO GLAD you did it! Coming from a mama :D. (Know what I mean?).

    As for my opinion about men at the conference. It doesn't bother me a bit. In fact, as we were praise singing, I looked to the back and in walked my awesome Pastor Hurst! It felt so good to see him come and support his wife and church. :D

    Also, if our men musicians weren't allowed, we could not have led the singing. Our church doesn't have a woman drummer, guitarist or basist.

    As for our personal church, we have "Ladies Retreats" with just our church women, no men. Every church can have those if they choose to. :D

    I love all you do and all you are, Sis. Jana!

  7. Tena - I figured your guys would hate my video. LOL I don't have a clue what I am doing and used my regular camera to record it. You can tell your boys I said they look cute no matter what and they did a great job.

    I am also in agreement with you concerning men musicians, pastors, etc. It makes me feel good to see pastor's come into the conference and support the ladies ministries. Without the support of pastors, we wouldn't have a ladies conference. These pastors must advertise and display our posters for us to have such great attendance. Those who want lady musicians have never been on the other end trying to find lady musicians. It would be a rough sounding praise team to pick musicians from all over and who have never played together. If you want to have a great team, it will (most likely) always have some men.