Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child

Below is a link to an article concerning spanking. When I was in elementary school, the teachers had paddles and could spank a child who misbehaved. Now, the teacher is the one who gets in trouble for disciplinary action. My first response to this article was, "There sure was a lot less crime when I was in elementary school." Is the elimination of spankings partly responsible for the higher crime rate today?


  1. I personally think that the elimination of spankings is the result of a prevailing mentality that "kids rule" and are given too much power, and THAT mentality is one of the reasons that the crime rate is higher.

    I was spanked as a child and don't regret it. I spank my children because there are times that nothing else will work (and it is mandated by scripture). However, I do not believe it is the only or even the FIRST method of discipline, and that it works better for some children than others.

    As for teachers, I would not be comfortable if a teacher spanked my child. It worked in the "days of old" because I believe that the teacher generally had much more of a connection with his/her students than they can (or are allowed to) nowadays. A spanking administered by someone who truly cares and is "connected" to that child is entirely different than by someone who is not.

    Sorry to go on so about it. Hope that makes sense.

  2. Somewhere, the words "spanking" and "beating" were mixed and because the definitions were twisted, we have a society of children that are out of control. However, I must take it one step further - the greatest cause of wayward children (I believe) is the lack of love and involvement with their children. Too many parents today are self-serving and their children are way down the list of their cares and concerns.

  3. Darla - thanks for your input.

    Karen - you are so right. There is a BIG difference between spanking and beating. Spankings are meant to be administered on the buttocks. In my opinion, if you teach your children to listen to you from the time they are born, there isn't a need for many spankings. I think most children should know how to listen by the time they are three. I cannot remember spanking Bryce after the age of three. Blake might have had a few beyond that because he is so strong-willed. I cna't remember the last time Bryn had a spanking. Considering all things, I think I have pretty good kids. Most people start discipline too late.