Saturday, March 21, 2009

MYSPACE In Heaven?

Our family is often entertained by reading various church signs. Some are great, others are pitiful, and the favorites are funny. Recently, we passed the above sign and Bryn quickly questioned, "There will be MySpace in heaven?" Too funny! Just maybe we will all have our laptops and continue our blogs "on the other side." I admit, the very thought makes me laugh out loud.
P.S. This post does not mean any disrespect to First United Methodist Church.


  1. Jesus died for my PLACE in heaven!


  2. I love this sign! My sister is in charge of our church sign. I think I am going to pass this saying along to her. I think it is perfect terminology for todays generation.

  3. We love church signs,too. Did I tell you about the divided sign that used to be in Charlotte: Jesus Saves/ S&H Green Stamps? Sorry, no picture.

  4. mervi - not that is correct.

    Linda - sorry, but I thought the sign was hysterically funny.

    Helen - now that made me laugh out loud!

  5. Mom I think was more funnier than dad,Bryce,Blake,you,and me put together.