Friday, March 20, 2009

WDLC and Stuff :)

Donna Linville speaking at WDLC
Debbie Foster Saiz & family

It seems a long time has passed since I last had time to just write about life. The Western District Ladies Conference in Sacramento, California was a huge success with record attendance and the speakers were, as some say, "Over-the-top." Last August, due to health reasons, my friend Kim Hanks resigned "mid-stream" as master coordinator and I was asked to assume the position. I have been a member of the Western District Ladies Committee for many years (I think approximately 15 years) and, knowing it is the biggest job in the department, I have always swore to Brian I would quit before taking the position of master coordinator. It was another friend of mine who asked me to take the position. This friend had never been involved in the department, was put into the position of president when California became two districts, and, even though I took three days to make my decision, I just couldn't tell her, "No." Now that the 2009 conference is behind me, I have learned the key to surviving as master coordinator hinges on having team members who efficiently handle their assigned tasks. A successful conference is proof of excellent teamwork. Because of such a great team, I will tackle this job again.

Donna Linville and Debbie Foster Saiz were the speakers for our conference this year. To read more about Donna, click here: Donna is a comedian with a message. She has a comedy DVD, recently released a CD singing her old favorites, and has been instrumental in starting "Esther" conferences designed specifically for young girls seven years of age to 15. Debbie is originally from Louisiana, was a youth pastor for many years, and is a world-wide speaker. She has authored several "help" books for youth ministry. These two women make a dynamic team and our conference was greatly blessed by their ministry.


  1. I agree with you about "teamwork". The answer to running a big job is, "delegate", yes?
    Having reliable people on your team makes your job doable.

  2. Tena - this year, more than half our team were brand new to the job. None of them were too timid to ask questions and each one vigorously tackled their assigned duties. I an so proud of all of them.

  3. I really admire Debbie Foster Saiz. I wish I could have heard her speak--I heard her one time and she really impacted me. What a great lady!

  4. Janell - The combination of Debbie and Donna made a dynamite conference. We had nearly 700 women in attendance. The vendors were moved downstairs to a difference ballroom so we could use the entire grand ballroom for our services. On Friday night, there were chairs from corner to corner, wall to wall. We have definitely outgrown the Sacramento DoubleTree and are currently searching for a new venue. Next year may still be at the Sacramento DoubleTree unless we can get out of the contract that was previously signed. If so, the change will take place for the 2011 conference. Guess that's a good problem, huh? :)