Monday, January 22, 2007

Come In From The Cold

This freezing weather has caused me to recall one of my favorite musicals. Lyrics to one of the songs are, "First frost is falling, winter's in the air, the cloudy skies are filled with snow, all by yourself nobody seems to care, you're on your own, Christmas greetings come from far away, but they don't chase away the chill, as each passing moment of the day grows colder still, where is the warmth your heart needs, where is the love you long for, come in from the cold, to the arms of love, to the only friend who's never giving in or giving up, He's always there when winter takes its toll, don't leave your heart outside where winter winds will blow, come in from the cold." "A tiny baby born so long ago, on a bitter winter's eve, the Man that died because He loved us so on Calvary, He is the warmth your heart needs, He is the love you long for, come in from the cold, to the arms of love..." In the cold, a warm place can always be found. When you bundle up in your coat and boots, be sure to have the warmth of His spirit in your heart and find someone with whom you can share His love.
P.S. The pictures are of some frozen bushes near our home.


  1. The pictures are beautiful and the words to the song have such a beautiful message! Yes, it's warm when you have His love in your heart, and His arms wrapped around your soul.

  2. Linda, I liked your line, "...arms wrapped around your soul." It made me think of another song that says, " a Mother holds her child, His grace will cuddle you..." What a sweet feeling to be in His embrace. Thanks for your comments. It is so great to have others expand on a thought.

  3. I remember a long time ago I sang this song in a christmas youth musical... it moved me then, but now that I'm all grown up, it seems to move me more.