Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Make The Best Choice

Y2Y, which stands for Youth to Youth, is the name of our youth group. Each month Y2Y direct a service in which every aspect of the service youth are ministering. They lead, sing, speak, usher, greet, and are used by God to minister to the rest of the congregation. This month, when their poster was hung announcing who had what job, it was simply a huge question mark. My husband decided we were going to have senior saints speak and tell the youth what has helped them along the way. The service began with songs from the hymnal such as "What A Friend We Have In Jesus," "Oh, I Want to See Him," and "I'll Fly Away." Sis. Jane (who you can read about in my "Influential People" blog) was the first speaker. She spoke of making choices and choosing to serve God. She stated, "Things aren't always black and white, right or wrong." "There is also good, better, and best." She was followed by some senior testimonies, more singing and then my husband and I each spoke. Sis. Jane's words made me thing of my blog about "Excellence." Sometimes we don't attain excellence because we only choose good or better. To make great choices, we must always choose "best." At the end of the service, I knelt at the altar with a darling young lady named Jackie. My oldest son met Jackie at college and invited her to church. Looking up through tears, she said to me, "I want to live for God." Jackie was making the best choice. Choose you this day whom you will serve.......please make the "best" choice.


  1. Hi Jana, I meant to leave a comment earlier, but the last couple of days have been busier than usual. When I read you enrtry about excellence, I was reminded that often we do not achieve excellence (or encourage others to achieve it) because we confuse it with perfection. God is perfect, but no human being is (or will be on this earth). When we nitpick accomplishments (often those of young poeple), we fail to recognize and guide them toward excellence, which is attainable through hard work and attention to craft.

  2. Oh, Helen, you are so right. I have heard criticism of imperfect young people who are striving towards excellence and it makes me cringe. The criticism comes from another imperfect soul who, chances are, gave up on reaching towards excellence.

  3. Jana, I think my favorite song from the Hymnal is "My Thanks To Him".
    How beautiful it must have been to see Jackie make that excellent choice to live for God. I know this service must have been kissed with His sweet presence. I love to see young people reaching for more of God.
    I love the idea of having the youth do everything for a service. That has got to be fun and exciting.

  4. Ronda - It is so thrilling to see people surrender to God. I have to admit, however, that my heart is so full of pride for my son, Bryce. He is such an incredible witness. Everywhere he goes, he invites people to church. He has had many of his friends in college come to church with him. I am so thankful he loves God so much. Sometimes I am overcome with emotion as I watch him lead in worship and pray with people in the altar. I pray God always keeps Bryce close to Him and safe in His hands.