Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Influential People

Recently we sent our national Sunday School department a nomination of one of our Sunday School teachers as Teacher of The Year. This particular lady was my Sunday School teacher when I was two years old. She has also been the teacher for my 20 year old son, my nine year old son, and is currently my five year old daughter's instructor. While completing the forms for the nomination, I began to reflect on how much this lady has influenced my life. Her name is Jane Johnson and even after more than 45 years of teaching, every week she brings something fresh and new to her class. Not only does she teach about God, but she also gives instructions concerning manners, etiquette, social skills, and an appreciation for all God's creations. Her positive outlook in life and admiration for each flower in bloom, colorful sunset, singing bluejay, and all God's world, becomes contagious while conversing with her. Alumni from Jane's class include ministers, pastors, employees of NASA, prominent people in their communities, and more influential people. She has touched the lives of hundreds of children who are now successful adults. In considering all this, I couldn't help but dwell on her consistency and faithfulness. Great people are disciplined, faithful, and consistent in their every day routine. They do not have time for complacency or laziness. I have included a photo of Jane and also a photo of Tim Spell with my son Blake. He is another influential person who has become somewhat of a hero to my children. I am grateful that my children admire such Godly people. Now what do Jane and Tim Spell have in common besides God? They love to do what they are doing. Where does that leave us? We better find a place in our service to God that we thoroughly love so we can learn the art of influence.


  1. Great post. As we grow older and consider the influence we have on each other, it causes us to carefully consider our actions, does it not.

    A blessed day.

    Shirley Buxton

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  2. I love this, Sis Jane was never my Sunday School teacher, however she has always brought something fun to church, always has a smile on her face and an encouraging word to share, she is an awesome lady in the Kingdom of GOD, Thx Sister Allard for letting others know how special Sis Janie is,

  3. I love our precious saints who have been faithful for so many years. Blessings to Sis. Jane.


  4. Thank you for your comments. I imagine this caused you to reflect on people who influenced your life. I have also been saddened by writing this blog, because I thought of how many people grew up without any great influence in their lives. This causes me to be even more grateful for the wonderful role models in my life.