Friday, January 12, 2007

Rev. Paul Price and "Knowing Jesus"

Tonight, we were privileged to attend our section's annual ministry banquet. Rev. Paul Price was the guest speaker and is a man that our family highly esteems. (The photo is Rev. Price, Brian and I taken in December 2004) Although he claims the only message he speaks is "Knowing Jesus," his thoughts are fresh, brilliant, and awe-inspiring each time I hear him speak. Truly, this man lives what he preaches. I found it quite ironic that many things Rev. Price spoke tonight were similar words to a blog my husband wrote yesterday titled "Pseudo Christians?" When my oldest son was about eight years old, we had Rev. Price speak at our church. During his sermon, he encouraged everyone to buy the tapes and listen to his words over and over. A few days later, we heard preaching coming from our son's room. He had used his own money to purchase the recordings of Rev. Price and has since nearly worn them out. Everywhere we went, those tapes came in the car and we were informed by our son that we would be listening to "Knowing Jesus." Now, at almost 21 years of age, our son was asked to write a paper in school about a prominent person. Who did he choose to write about? Yes, you're right. He wrote about the influence of Rev. Price and how he had affected his life. As I sat listening to Rev. Price this evening, I was convicted once again to know Jesus more and grateful my son had such a tremendous man of God teach him to "Know Jesus."


  1. Bro. Price is a treasure in God's earthly kingdom. He lives what he preaches and his wisdom abounds! One thing that has impacted me greatly is his continual search for knowledge. He says, "When you stop learning, you might as well stop living."

  2. I love Bro. Price! A wonderful man of God.

  3. Hi Sis. Allard,

    I followed a link to your blog from Ronda Hurst's blog. I too, love to hear Bro. Price speak. He has so much wisdom and a solid walk with God. You have a very nice blog going too. I've been visiting for a couple of weeks and thought I would now make it known. God bless you and your family!


  4. Jana, I have heard Bro. Price make that comment.
    Linda, it seems that Bro. Price has always been a part of our lives. Such an incredible man!
    Carol, I'm not sure if I have ever met you, but I do thank you for dropping by. Feel free to leave comments anytime. Will you be attending the Western District Ladies Conference in Sacramento? I will be there Friday and Saturday selling my CD's. If you go, drop by my booth and introduce yourself.
    To all of you who have heard Bro. Price speak - we blessed to have his instruction.

  5. Bro. Price is and incredible man of God. I love him dearly.

  6. Strange series of coincidences, rather God Incidences led me check out this blog and read about Pastor Price! God works in strange ways. Jehovah Girah! God is Good~SO BE IT!

  7. Anonymous - I hope you are following the path to "Know Jesus" more every day.