Sunday, January 7, 2007


As promised, I am posting a picture of my great grandfather's store. This was the family business many years ago in Alma, Arkansas. It has become somewhat of a renowned landmark. I included the close-up picture with Bryce so you could see the beautiful stone work. As I stood there looking at this old structure, I began to wonder about the daily happenings when the store was in operation. Being somewhat in the country, I am sure Great Grandpa Wilson knew all his customers well. I wondered how many children came in for penny candy, how many clients he allowed to charge because they could not afford to pay, and so many other thoughts raced through my mind. I wanted Bryce to see this landmark in his family, realize its importance, and encourage him to build landmarks of his own. All of us have various landmarks in our lives. Each one represents a beginning and sense of direction. As we journey through life, take time to reflect on your landmarks and be sure to build some new ones. Build them carefully and prayerfully. Someone may visit your landmark someday.


  1. Jana, that is so neat that you can take you kids there to see the Landmark. My grandfather owned a store/gas station in Southern California but they had to tear it down a few years ago. You know how it is down there. They need all the room they can get. I remember as a girl skipping down to the store from Grandma and Grandpa's house and getting a chocolate soda. Oh MY, those were so good. When I saw the picture of your Great-Grandfather's store I had so many memories flood my mind.
    Blessings to you and your family,

  2. Thanks for the comment, Ronda. I wonder how many kids now-a-days have no idea what a chocolate soda is?! Last year, we took Bryn by the old store in Arkansas and all the vines covering it were green. I took pictures of her barefoot on the porch. They turned out so, so cute. By the way, she really did talk to David today. She smiled for hours afterwards.