Saturday, January 6, 2007

What A Wonderful World

My blog title is a song I have recorded on my CD, but my thoughts today are about the wonderful world in which we live. While traveling to Nashville, we stopped in Arkansas to let our oldest son see his grandmother's birthplace, the remains of his great-great grandfather's store, and the old cemetery where ancestors lay in rest. Near my mother's birthplace is a creek where we stopped to take some pictures. My husband took the shot of the berries with the creek in the background. It was strikingly beautiful to me because of the color contrast. (Try clicking on the photo and see it magnified.) Much of the wooded area was in winter slumber and had the appearance of death, yet, God created these little berries to bring color to a gloomy, cold day. The media around us is so consumed with horrible happenings and, if we are not careful, the negative issues overwhelm us and we begin to think the entire world is pitiful. Please take time today, to notice something lovely in your surroundings. Thank God for the wonderful world He created just for me and you.
P.S. Tomorrow I will try to share photos of the old store. It is beautiful, too.


  1. Jana,

    I am thankful that God created You. You are a radiant jewel and my BEST FRIEND! I always look forward to reading your blog.


  2. That is a great picture and a beautiful message of God's love.