Thursday, January 25, 2007

Double Digits

After nine years of making his favorite dinner of spaghetti for his birthday, Blake requested I make burritos. I guess double digits require change. It is hard to believe that he has hit the big "10." There is something unique about this year. Blake is twice as old as his sister, and Bryce is twice as old as Blake. 5, 10, 20. WOW! The whole family came over this evening to celebrate. Another great achievement for Blake is his science fair project. His project won at his school (A California Distinquished School) of about 800 students, and continued on to region. He won a second place medal on the regional level, and now his project will proceed to the county competition which is the highest level 4th grade projects are allowed. The medal around his neck just won't come off! I'm wondering if he is going to sleep with it tonight. (smile) Blake is my middle child. Brilliant, inquisitive, extreme, funny, sincere, and even on his worst day, he is my sweetheart.