Monday, March 5, 2007

Angels, Harps, & More

Finally, I found a few moments to blog. At left, are photos of my darling girl, Bryn and her friend CaseyLynn. They were such darling angels at the Southern Ladies Conference "Angels Watching Over Me" Brunch. Harpist Amber Bowden played during the brunch and the beautiful angels sat at her feet listening intently until the wiggles took them over. They were so cute! I was the emcee of the brunch and I readily admitted, one of my life-long dreams is to own a gold gilded concert pedal harp and learn how to play it. Since I was child, I have always been drawn to harps. I think the instrument is beautiful in looks and sound. Knowing that such an instrument cost more than a nice car, my faith is weak in ever owning a harp. However, I do have a space saved in my living room just in case a miracle happens. Maybe loving the harp so much has caused me to wonder more about angels. I do believe there are angels surrounding me and my home. Each night as I tuck my little ones in, we pray and they always say, "...and, Jesus, keep angels around us all night." They truly believe that God has appointed angels to stand guard over them. There is much I could say about the conference, but I think I want to let my mind ponder on angels just a little more.


  1. Sister A, I am glad that you had a great time at Ladies Conference, Harps are a beautiful instrument, Keep the "space" in your house and we will pray for that "miracle" I can see you play this, GOD Bless, I love you, Cheri

  2. Yes, Sis. Allard, keep that space in your house for "your" harp. God can do ANYTHING! I have faith for you to receive a harp! Don't try to figure out how to get one, just let God do it His way and in His timing.

    Those two little angels are so precious. Thanks for the pics.

    I'm glad you're feeling better, too. I prayed for you during the conference. :)

    God bless your day! Love, Tena

  3. Cheri - the space will be there and I know it is okay to keep the dream alive. XO

  4. Tena - thanks for your prayers. I am feeling better but, I don't usually get a "bug" that last this long. This junk is still hanging on after a week of antibiotics. Thankfully, I have improved.

    The southern conference was wonderful. Remember how Sis. Hale was so serious on Friday night in the north? In the south she was anything but solemn. She was serious in her worship, but it was shouting and dancing. We had a wild time. Both conferences were great and I know many were blessed.

    Thanks for the compliments on the angels. They were darling.

  5. How darling are those little angels! Just precious!

  6. Beautiful girls. And yes, harps are lovely. Should I pencil it in just below the dryer? :-)

  7. Ronda - yes, they are soooo precious.

    Helen - go ahead and pencil in the harp. :)

  8. Jana: Too bad we northern ladies didn't get to see those precious angels! How adorable. I do believe that angels watch over us. When our son Jeremy was first starting public school, I was really worried about him. I prayed to God one night and asked Him to send His angels to watch over Jeremy at school. I did not tell anyone about my prayer. A few days later, my sister Ann told me that she had had a dream about Jeremy. In her dream, Jeremy was at school sitting at his desk. A short distance away she saw a man watching him. All of a sudden, Ann realized that was an angel watching over Jeremy. She had no idea of my prayer, and I believe that was a confirmation from God that Jeremy was being protected. Good post!

  9. Hi, Karen! Yes, I wish you could have seen the angels. The harpist really gave the brunch a pleasant atmosphere. I do believe angels protect our children.

    By the way, I tried to visit your blog and it said access denied. Do you have a blog or is just a private setting?

  10. Jana, Sorry you couldn't view my blog. i know you posted a comment on it before under Jeremy Turns 25. I haven't changed anything that I know of. I just checked my privacy settings, and it's set to public viewing. Here is the URL
    Hope this helps.

    Karen : )

  11. Thanks, Karen, for the link. I will try again. Thanks for dropping by.