Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Beautiful House of Worship

At left is a poster advertising the No Limits Conference that takes place annually at The Rock Church in Elk Grove, California. The background of the poster is part of the front of their new sanctuary. Tomorrow, I will be attending their dedication ceremony. I always feel a certain amount of pride when I see my "family" who is able to build beautiful structures in which they can worship. Sacrifice and dedication are the price of such an awesome church. You can view pictures at their website, The Rock Church has not only brought benefit to their local community, but they are also involved in world-wide missions. Pastor Myles Young is also a recording artist with whom I was honored to record a duet a few years ago. If you are in the Sacramento area, you owe it to yourself to visit The Rock Church. It will be a great experience.


  1. We went to No Limits on Friday night. The new church is just beautiful and a great tribute to the vision of godly men and those who have caught the vision and got behind their pastor. The Rock Church can certainly be thankful to God and proud of their accomplishments.

  2. Hi, Carol. We had hoped to attend No Limits, but our schedule just wouldn't permit. The Wilson family has been such dear friends to our family and we just couldn't miss their big celebration. I was disappointed my Mother got sick and had to leave early Sunday. She has long been called Mom Wilson and Grandma Wilson by the Nate Wilson family and I know she wanted to be there. She will be 82 years old this year. Keep her in your prayers.

  3. Sister Allard,Please send your mom my get well wishes, I will be praying. May the Lord Bless you, I love you,