Friday, March 16, 2007

Winning Flip Flops

To promote the upcoming book fair, the school my two youngest children attend decided to have a most creatively decorated flip flop contest. Bryn and I decided on getting some of her hair accessories to see what we could come up with for her shoes. When Blake saw what we were doing, he decided to get his flip flops and put something on them. He found a couple of army men, a tree, and two lizards. Believe it or not, out of a school of nearly 900 students, Blake and Bryn won their grade level prize. From what I understand, they will receive a gift certificate to the book fair. Isn't it great when "fun" is incorporated into such programs? Both of my children love to read and enjoy participating in their school activities. What's your take on such contests?


  1. Congratulations to Bryn and Blake! No wonder they won, their "flip flops" are so awesome!

  2. Sis A, What fun, I think that when we allow "kids" to use their creativity,it allows them to have more self confidence, I it great to know that your children are getting gift certificates to go toward what they love, reading, give them my congrats, love you

  3. I think this is a fantastic, fun, clean way to channel creativity. Prizes indicate that creativity is important. Good. It is.

  4. Sis. Allard,
    First of all it was so nice to see you and your family at Ladies conference. I have not yet got on ebay but be sure I'm about to. Thanks for the tip.
    My congratulations to Bryn and Blake. I think that anytime we can make learning fun for our children it is a positive. I'm associated with many teachers who promote creativity in learning.
    Recently I took Alyssa to Pajama Story time at the local library where we are currently stationed. She wore her pjs,slippers, and robe. They read stories, sang songs, and danced to the songs. Then we checked out books and went home and read them before bed time. She loved it!!! As a mom, it felt so good to take my daughter to a place where she could learn, interact with other children and have fun while doing it.

  5. I'm glad someone flipped over their flip flops and gave them a prize! I'm all for contests that encourage creativity. Way to go Bryn and Blake!

  6. Thank you, everyone, for dropping by. Bryn and Blake were so excited to show off their prizes.

    Sheree - the p.j. reading sounds like fun. Are you still in California? We need to hook up and have you come to our place sometime.

    Carol - yes, I am glad someone flipped and the shoes weren't a flop. LOL