Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thought and Thinker

Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

John 1:1 - "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." The above quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson made me think of this scripture and how it could be transposed in a similar way. "In the beginning was the Thought, and the Thought was the Thinker, and the Thought was the Thinker."


  1. Or begin with a traditional paraphrase, where the Word is the Son. “In the beginning was the Son, and the Son was with God, and the Son was God.”

    “The Son is the blossom, the language and the fruit behind it,” so that, “In the beginning was the Blossom, and the Blossom was with God, and the Thought and the Language and the Fruit behind it was God.”

  2. That's an awesome quote by Emerson, and I like how you related it to John 1:1. Jesus fullfilled it all, the thought, the thinker and the action. What a might God we serve!

  3. Hi, Helen - I have had a long day working with an accountant and it was so refreshing to get home and read your comment. You are so much better with words than I am. I love how you incorporated the quote and the scripture. Beautiful!

  4. Carol - you are also better with words than me. Yes, we serve a mighty God. Thanks for your comment.