Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Psuedo Christians?

The below post was copied from my husband's blog. He wrote this a few months ago and I thought I would share it with you since my most recent posts address some of this issue.

Have we become pseudo christians projecting our moral judgments and morality in the place of a true relationship with Jesus Christ? No, I am not throwing away separation from the world, but it seems that too many "christians" think that only good moral living will get them to heaven! What about our intimacy with Jesus? What about our private time with Him? We have become corporate christians meaning that we have left our prayer closets and resorted only to prayer at church. We leave Jesus standing on the corner wishing for more than just a casual kiss, while we walk away flaunting our morality to a world who wants more than just another phony pseudo christian. I wonder if Jesus has ever thought about divorcing individuals whose sole concern was with what they looked like and not what they thought about Him? We don't take the intimacy between a husband and a wife into the public so why should we think that our relationship with Jesus should only be for public display. He wants time alone with us so he can talk to us personally and be with us. I want to look holy, and be righteous; I want to uphold standards that set me apart from the world but that should never become my primary focus. Jesus said, "If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me." I think we should all develop a relationship with Jesus that includes more than just looking the part. Good moral living and looking the part is only part of the equation. A life with Christ that is based solely on good morals and good moral judgment will last no longer than a marriage that is solely based on a public display of affection. Develop a life of private time and intimacy with God and you will find that you enjoy being with Him. It won't be a hypocritical life either, because you will want to please Him!


  1. Beautiful post, Jana. My former pastor, Brother Alvarez, used to say constantly that Christianity is about developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. Any positions we may hold in public are really just a show if we don't have a relationship with Him in private. May God help all of us to cultivate our relationship with Him daily!

  2. Carol - it is so true that we must have a very personal relationship with God. I love the way Bro. Price talks about Knowing Jesus. You don't normally have a good relationship without really knowing the other person. Oh, that I may know Him!