Friday, May 23, 2008

Crash or Climb

Attitude determines altitude.- -- Unknown

Don't you think that will preach? From my experience, it is the good, friendly, charismatic, kind attitude that reaches higher heights. Mean, condemning, negative attitudes seem to have a hard time leaving ground level. I think I'd like to try climbing a little higher.


  1. Hi Jana, I've thought a lot about this since you posted it (I wasn't just ignoring you) and tried to imagine instances where it isn't true. But I couldn't think of any. Not only will it "preach," I think it just might "poet." :-)

  2. Helen - When you finish writing (assuming you will), please let me know how it turns out. It could probably "sing," too.

  3. That could definitely preach, poet and sing!

  4. “To Preach,” Said the Poet, “Is To Sing”
    --for Jana and Carol

    Attitude determines altitude. anon.

    “Attitude comes first,” says any
    preacher. “Come, let us reason together.
    Outlook determines how high you will go.

    Do you want to climb to the mountain
    to its actual summit, singing soprano,
    or are you content to keep on singing bass? “

    (And FYI, this poem's on my blog. I hold the copyright to this masterpiece. LOL)

  5. Pastor Trout has preached for years that "The right attitude or spirit will take you further than all the talent with a bad attitude."

  6. Carol - Amen.

    Helen - thanks for sharing.

    Kevin - That's another good quote.