Saturday, May 3, 2008

Week In Review

Last Saturday, we traveled with freeWAY to Sacramento for the youth event Infusion. The boys sang well in spite of some sound issues, sold some CD's, and then headed to San Jose East Valley Pentecostal Church.
On Sunday, my husband spoke during the "Pastor's Hour," then freeWAY and I sang during the following Jubilee service. EVPC is a beautiful church (check out their website at and everything is meticulously cared for and managed. freeWAY, Bryce, Tyler, and I all did quite well with CD sales. If we had a place like that every week, we could definitely go on the road full time. LOL We had a wonderful lunch at Pastor Rodney Nelson's home, visited with friends, and finally headed back home Sunday evening.
Monday was a hurried day with doctor's appointments and hosting the Section Two Business Conference. There were some changes of positions, dinner served, and I went home exhausted.
Tuesday, Mark Yandris of Merced spoke to our musicians and singers and taught some new material. Afterwards, Mark came to the house for dinner and we had a great time chatting.

Wednesday, we had a missions service with special guest, Patty Hines. She has been an A.I.M. (short term) missionary to Madagascar and is now going to the Philippines. A DVD was shown of the many things in which she was involved in Madagascar.
Thursday, I sang at a ladies conference in Tulare hosted by Abundant Life Center under the direction of Stephany Parkey. I consider Stephany to be a very dear friend and admire her dedication to the work of God. Her ladies conference is always fabulous and well organized.
Friday, we attended the 50th wedding anniversary of Rev. and Mrs. Harvey Cantrell. Rev. Cantrell performed Brian and my wedding ceremony in 1979. The Cantrell's are a great couple and we love them dearly. I slipped out early to return to the ladies conference in Tulare where several miracles took place.
Saturday, I returned to the ladies conference for the chocolate themed banquet. There was good food, several different fruits, chocolate on the tables, a chocolate fountain, chocolate gifts, and entertainment by recording artist Karen Harding that made me laugh until I cried. Following the banquet, I met my husband and kids to spend the remaining part of the day with them. It was an enjoyable evening spent together.
Tomorrow, Karen Harding will be ministering at our evening service. She has already put in her request that I make her my famous burritos, so guess what I will be cooking? LOL
Even though it was a busy week, I thoroughly enjoyed traveling to the various places and visiting with friends. I hope you all have a blessed time as you worship tomorrow in your various congregations.


  1. Jana, sounds like a busy but blessed week. Praying that you all have a great Sunday.

  2. I think you should have titled this post - "Help! I Can't Breathe" instead of the one on smog. You are Brian are amazing and always so energetic. With your whirlwind existence, you bring blessings to all.

  3. Mercy Maud! I think you need a secretary! for crying out loud! I'm glad God is using your family to minister in music,speaking and food. I pray ya'll had a good service this am, and an even better one tonight! God is doing GREAT things here. tonight we are supposed to have 1 maybe 2 get baptized. One of our young people brought a visitor, Pastor preached on salvation, what to do, and he wants to get baptized now! AWESOME! May God continue to bless you and your family!

    Sonia #16

  4. Mark - this morning was a great service. I might blog about Brian's sermon tomorrow. We had one receive the Holy Ghost and I know it will be awesome with Karen tonight. I told Brian she would be good for a week revival. The girl not only sings, but she can preach, too!

    Karen - it has been busy, but we wouldn't like it any other way. LOL

    Sonia - sounds like you are having great services at your church. I will pray it's two that gets baptized tonight. Who knows, it might end up being more than that?!?!?

  5. Jana, WHEW! A whirlwind of a week for sure. Glad you had a great time! :)

  6. Ronda - I know you have whirlwind weeks, too. It is just part of our jobs, but I know neither of us would want to change as long as we get an occasional day of rest. LOL

  7. Jana, we had 3 get baptized Sunday Night!!! It was just awesome!!! One that had requested to get baptized didn't show up, but another 2 asked that night!! It was awesome! Glad things are going good for you as well.

  8. Sonia - thanks for sharing the great report. How exciting!