Thursday, May 29, 2008

Talent Show

Bryn and Blake's school had their talent show tonight and it was great. Their school has so much talent! There were three categories; solo, duo, and classes. The solo category was comprised of all vocal solos with the exception of one instrumental solo. To be honest, I didn't think Bryn would place at all because there weren't any monitors on the stage and her track was run so soft she couldn't hear it when she was singing and she lost her timing in one place. I thought Blake would place because he had the "whole package." Cute, worked the stage, and sang well. However, there was a girl who I thought had just as good if not better vocals than Blake and the competition was going to be stiff. When it was all said and done, we had several people approach us and complain at the results. First place was given to a girl who cheated by lip syncing half her song. Then, Bryn was awarded second place and Blake third. I am very proud of both of them, but Blake really did a better job than his sister. They were very good sports and just happy for the opportunity to sing, but I think they learned competitions are much like politics and corruption happens. As long as I can keep Bryn and Blake honest and always doing their best, I will feel successful.
P.S. The last picture is not clear, but I thought it was amusing to see the "streak of red" on the top of Blake's head. LOL
EDIT: To answer Helen's question, Bryn sang "Tomorrow" from the musical "Annie" and Blake sang "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" from Elvis.


  1. You don't say what each child sang. Sometimes that has an effect on the judges, whether they intend for it to or not. Also, age comes into it. And maybe even gender. I hate competitions for children, because good kids always have to lose.

  2. Congrats to Blake and Bryn for being winners. For both to place is a tribute to their talent, which is following in the footsteps of their parents (who are very talented).

  3. Helen - I had mentioned Blake's choice of song when I posted "Bragging On Blake," but I have since added their song choices to the post. Although I am very proud of my kids, I am very objective. I really thought first and second place would come down to a 5th grade girl and Blake. I really didn't think Bryn would place because she lost her timing and made a mistake. Probably the reason Bryn placed is because she was the youngest contestant and she is so cute. I have always taught my kids to be nice and have a good attitude regardless of the outcome of any competition. If it is truly wrong, other people will fight for you. Because my husband frequently teaches at their school, all the staff know him. There were several (more than five) teachers who approached him and said something was wrong with this competition. They realized the other girl had cheated and I'm sure those teachers will speak out about it. That is the best way to fix a competition - let someone not connected to the show speak out.

    Karen - thank you. I hope to post the video. They were both so cute.

  4. rofl. Im bitter sweet about the song "Tomorrow".. you know why! :)