Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm Sorry

I want to extend an apology to anyone who may have misinterpreted my position on racism. A dear friend read one word in some comments and felt very offended, and for this I apologize. My intentions are never to hurt anyone.

Before you stone me, consider reading my entire text and, for the record here is my position - I think all men should be treated equally and fairly. Anyone, regardless of color, who degrades, oppresses, or puts down someone from another race, should be punished. The "N" word should never be tolerated and I think people that use it in a public work place should be terminated from employment. By the same token, anyone in a public work place that says we should eradicate all whites should be terminated, too. I am sickened by cases of racial profiling and police brutality. (And too much more.) It needs to end and any white person involved in such horrific behavior should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The only hope is to follow Christ. Racism will forever plague us until all people learn forgiveness and everyone learns II Corinthians 13..."the greatest is love."


  1. Absolution by Helen Losse

    On the rock’s underside,
    sleeping in the soft dirt,
    the earlywigs
    roll themselves into balls.
    The scent of musty earth
    floats upward,
    and they scurry to get away—

    wishing to live in peace.

    How can I justify
    this abruptness of sunlight?

    Nothing is pure
    among thin shadows.
    A chill invades me,
    and I cast the rock aside,
    falling to my knees,
    as though my action
    might proclaim my innocence.

    But who will listen
    while I explain—
    crying a plaintive cry
    to a lonely field
    where summer is dying?
    Those grubs lie still.

    Still. With no premonition
    of autumnal joy.

    Those grubs lie still
    beneath the lifted stone.

    First published in Domicile

  2. Helen - although I don't quite understand the entire poem, I am going to assume by the title you are extending forgiveness. You and I have had many discussions and it is nice to know you are always a friend.

  3. Jana, You did nothing to me that I need to forgive you for. I think each of us is "a work in progress." No stone throwing here. Pray that we will agree on that always.

  4. Helen - I knew you were not the type to be offended yet, by the same token, you are one who is willing to forgive for the sake of others. Your friendship is important to me and I admire your dedication to the fight against prejudice and racism.

  5. Sis Allard--I love you dearly. This post just proves how sincere your heart is. Its a true Christian who wants to be right with others, and though I wasnt offended I want you to know I love you.

  6. Carissa - Oh, I knew you wouldn't be offended and would love me. The problem is when people pass judgment before reading the entire text. I felt terrible for someone to be upset, but they didn't read my entire comment. I love you, too. Wouldn't it be incredible if we could end racism?

  7. I would be AMAZING to end racism... The only way that is possible is when allies stand up for the victims. Minorities can unite with their own group but until its allies (whites and other minority groups) come together it wont be attained. Sis Allard--thanks for being my allie and standing up against racism. :)

  8. Carissa - we need allies, but what "...if everybody in this world knew Jesus, and how His power can set them free..." Or, "Let the world see Jesus in me..." California is blessed to have multi-cultural churches. The south is still so segregated it's pitiful.

  9. Carissa - P.S. Have you ever blogged with my friend Helen? I think you and her would hit it off quite well.

  10. I actually havent. Is it the same Helen that you commented back to on this pose aka Deadmule?! If so, I'll definitely have to take a look at her blog site.

  11. Carissa - yes, one and the same. her link is listed on the right side of my page as "Helen Losse." She is a renowned poet and a dedicated democrat. We became friends through the blog and have had many conversations. She knows the art of agreeing to disagree and always remains friendly. I hope we will get to meet at Christmas time if we are able to go to North Carolina. She will drive to meet us at the Elms church in Charlotte.

  12. Because some people are offended and misinterrupt me, I'm closing comments to this post.