Friday, May 2, 2008

Help! I Can't Breathe!

If you live in a city with clean air, count your blessings. In our area, the weatherman gives "air" reports along with temperatures for the day. If it is a "bad air day," the elementary school students are not allowed to have recess and must remain inside their classrooms. In 2006, we had more "bad air" days than good ones. The San Joaquin Valley is a difficult place for smog to rise above and respiratory ailments are rampant in this area. Below is a news release about our rank. (Above photo of Los Angeles smog)

Bakersfield Not Breathing Any Easier
BY STACEY SHEPARD, Californian staff writer, Wednesday, Apr 30 2008 9:13 PM
Bakersfield was again ranked the second smoggiest city in America behind Los Angeles in the annual American Lung Association's State of the Air report released Wednesday. The city held the same position last year and ranked No. 1 the nation in 2006. Rankings are based on air quality in major cities from 2004 to 2006.
"We're never going to do well in this ranking," said Brenda Turner, a spokeswoman for the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. "Our air quality is improving but we still have a long way to go and we need everyone's help." Turner said the good news is that Bakersfield had one of its best smog seasons in decades in 2007, a year not analyzed in the American Lung Association report.
Bakersfield also ranked fourth this year in a separate category for daily levels of particulate matter pollution, which occurs in winter months and is considered the air pollutant most harmful to human health. The city held the same spot last year. The top five polluted cities list looks about the same as previous years. California cities generally top the list because its geography and climate make them prone to smog.


  1. And to think, you suggested I move to California. HA.

  2. Yes Babe but we are lucky. We live in one of the only environments in the world where we can "see" our praise! LOL

  3. Helen - well, I am stuck in this valley but you could move to the Central California coast. The weather is near perfect all year and the skies are clear and beautiful. See, if you moved to the Central Cal coast, I would have somebody to stay with during the hot summer. LOL

    Brian - I think I've been "seeing" too much of it lately. :)

  4. Does this mean I have permission to move to the coast like Eureka maybe where the all time high is 68in the summer and the air is fresh and clear? Ya know it would be good for my lungs. :D

  5. Jolene - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Love your sense of humor! LOL Hey, with your luck, you would be allergic to all the different plants and still wouldn't be able to breathe.

  6. You all come - the Central Cal Coast is wonderful. No smog, no heat, no extreme cold, and hardly any people unless you go to town on the weekends when all the Valley people come over.

  7. Karen - if it were possible for Brian and I to move to the Central Cal Coast, NO ONE would have to twist my arm. The coast is my favorite place.