Friday, May 9, 2008

Eagle's Summit

Dr. Gerald Jeffers
Yesterday and today was the 6th Annual Eagle's Summit. A year ago February, Rev. John Arcovio of Spirit Led Ministries invited Bryce to be a guest artist at this year's conference. At that time, the conference was scheduled to be in St. Joseph, Missouri but was later changed to Merced, California. Another guest of the conference was Dr. Gerald Jeffers of Boston, Massachusetts, who preached several times during the conference. Dr. Jeffers is a uniquely gifted man of God who operates in the Gifts of the Spirit and has been involved in ministry all his life, speaking his first sermon at the age of 12. and becoming a regular speaker by age 14. Bryce had never met Dr. Jeffers but had heard many wonderful things about his ministry. Thursday night, as Dr. Jeffers was approaching the podium following Bryce's singing, Dr. Jeffers hugged Bryce and told him, "God has placed a strong anointing on your life." Today, Bryce was honored to have lunch with Dr. Jeffers and glean a wealth of knowledge. It is amazing how God orchestrates our lives when we are willing to follow His direction. As Bryce's mommy, I am thrilled and excited to watch him walk through the doors God opens for him. I'm not sure where God will lead him, but knowing he is in God's will soothes my soul.


  1. Hi Jana,

    Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!

  2. I have heard so many things about Dr. Jeffers! One of my mentors and favorite people in all the world, Jennifer Cobb, speaks of Dr. Jeffers often. I'm so glad that Bryce was able to glean wisdom from him. God truly has his hand on Bryce!

  3. Carol - thank you. I hope you had a beautiful day.

    Rochelle - You're home?! I have yet to meet Dr. Jeffers, but would love to do so after all I have heard. Bryce came home so excited and strengthened.

  4. Jana, you and Brian and have done (and are doing) such a great job with your children. I commend you. I know you feel there is absolutely nothing as great as seeing your children involved in God's work.

    Love you all--

    Shirley Buxton

  5. Shirley - thanks for your kind words. I needed them today and God let you speak them to me. Brian and I are trying our best.