Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bakersfield Not Worried About Drought

According to the Bakersfield Californian, Florn Core, water resources manager for the city of Bakersfield, said the city has several programs to blunt the effects of a drought. A large ground water basin and several water banks, which are operated by various water agencies, should keep the faucets flowing.
“Speaking for Bakersfield, the emergency really will not affect us too much,” he said. “We have not had to impose rationing through two droughts. At the same time, we are asking people to conserve.” Entire article at below link.
The above article is what caused me to be surprised when our town decided to ration water. Our town is much like Bakersfield and has gone through droughts without rationing.


  1. Hey Jana! It's Jamie...MyRick's Jamie. I stumbled onto your connections of another. Wow. What IS going on with the water and rice? We miss you and in fact were just talking about y'all last night! For we went to eat after service at Waffle House and talked about how it reminded us of that diner that we used to go to there...the name fails me but the food, shakes, conversations, friendship, memories never will. We love you! Visit my website: Love you...Jamie

  2. JAMIE!!!!! What a nice surprise to hear from you! I just dropped by your website and you have some fabulous photos. I'll give an ad for you on my blog tomorrow. Please give the girls hugs and tell Myrick "Hi." I wish we could all get together! My two youngest ones would love to meet your girls.

  3. Bakersfield's water resource manager is sending out the wrong message. In Marin County we had our own very large water supply, nothing from the State, and we still needed to conserve. Every drop of water is precious, and as the temperatures rise and people keep their swimming pools full, even Bakersfield may see themselves needing to ration.

  4. Karen - I did think it strange Bakersfield made a public declaration of "no worry" after the governor had declared official drought.