Sunday, June 29, 2008

WAY Choir's Natalie

Tonight I sleep in MY bed!!! Although I am glad to be home, I love travelling with the WAY Choir and working with all the young people. I will probably post about the tour the next few days, but I will start by sharing "Natalie." If you have read my blog for a long time, you might remember the story I shared about my childhood Sunday School teacher and how she so impressed a young foster boy. When the boy became a man, he started a foundation to give poor children birthday parties. Now, this very successful man has children of his own and is also a foster parent. His daughter Natalie was part of WAY Choir singing alto and had a violin solo on the song, "If Not for Grace." This was her first year and she is one of the youngest members at 15 years old. She is a tiny, petite, doll and is as sweet as she is cute. The violin solo was absolutely beautiful and I was so very proud of her.
Lyrics to the song by Israel Houghton:
Where would I be
If not for your grace
Carrying me
Through every season
Where would I be
If not for Your grace
Came to my rescue
And I want to thank You
For Your grace
Grace that restores
Grace that redeems
Grace that releases
Me to worship
Grace that repairs
Visions and dreams
Grace that releases


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour. Working with youth is most rewarding! Get some rest now.

  2. Tracie - you are right. Working with youth is always rewarding.

    Karen - Hope you are able to hear the choir at Camp Meeting. They are singing Thursday night of Camp.

  3. I didn't know she played the violin! Looks like the same Natalie I worked with at kids church at camp meeting...that's awesome!

    Btw, did the way choir sing in Sacramento recently?

  4. Glad the tour went well. Pretty neat story about Natlie, her father and your Sunday School teacher. God is good!

  5. Violin..very COOL! the WAY had lotsa talent this yr. Glad I gotta see them at a few venues. Love you all.

  6. Jennifer - Yes, the choir sang in Sacramento on Thursday night at Calvary Tabernacle. Wish you could have been there.

    Carol - I just love stories like Natalie's family. She is a darling girl, talented, has a beautiful mother, siblings, and, of course, her dad is dear to my heart.

    Carissa - you should have been in Tulare. WAY rocked the house. It was awesome!