Sunday, November 2, 2008



  1. Jana, I have an adopted child. We brought Redonia home from the hospital @ 23 hours old. Her biological mom was 15 years old when she delivered our gift. Each time I hear someone is pro-abortion I become quite upset. How much worse for a president to support such a cruel murder.

    There are options if a Mom doesn't want to keep a child. In fact I know people who want to adopt children but unfortunately all to many unwanted children are aborted. What a selfish act! It is sad when trees and animals in my city have more rights than unborn infants. With modern techology of 3-d ultrasound, etc these babies are proven clearly 'alive'. Why would any Christian want to go against God who believes in children so much to say "Suffer the children to come unto me" America really does need God.

  2. Tracie - thank you for your comment. Redonia is such a beautiful girl and I'm glad you are her mommy. Like you, I cannot understand how trees and animals have more rights than unborn babies. In our area, there is land that cannot be built on because it is inhabited by Kangaroo Rats! RATS!!!! They should all be exterminated and let precious babies live. Our world is so warped!!!