Friday, November 14, 2008

What Keeps You?

Happiness keeps you sweet,

Trials keep you strong,

Sorrows keep you human,

Failures keep you humble,

Success keeps you glowing,


Only God keeps you going.


  1. "Only God keep me going."
    How true. Oh how very true.
    Great post, hope that all is still going great for both you and your mothers phyical needs :-)


  2. Amen!!! Only God keeps me going.

  3. Janell - I heard your big "AMEN" all the way from Canada. LOL

    Mervi - What would we do without God?!?!

    Helen - Amen and Amen. Thank the Lord for keeping us going!

  4. Wow hallelujah! lol That was a good one!

  5. What amazing words of wisdom. This is so true! God has been the only thing that has kept me going many times. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  6. Amen!!! God Is!!! (I've been trying to leave comments for you Jana but I'm doing something wrong - hope this makes it)

  7. Amen!!! God Is!!! (Been trying to comment on your blog for a few days now, and don't know what's happening. ??)

  8. Love it!

    Carol Connell

  9. So true, I am the sweetest when I am happy (but learning to be sweet even when life is a challenge--in everything give thanks); I don't necessarily enjoy the trials, but I eventually realize that this trial is intended to make be a better, stronger person. Sorrow reminds me that I have some very real emotions; failures truly do humble me (and challenge me); success makes me smile but God is in control of it all, and He does keep me going! What an AWESOME quote!!

  10. So true!!! Enjoy a great weekend...