Monday, November 3, 2008

Christian, Vote Your Conscience

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  1. Wish I could vote! =/ I haven't been able to find a way to obtain an absentee ballot though, and I think it's too late...ah well. I have kind of a bad feeling Obama is going to win; what do you think will happen if he does? Do you think it's totally the end of the world, and rapture time? =) Or do you think he's just a gateway for an extended change of the world and of our future? This election is one of the most interesting elections we've had--Except for the craziness following the last one we had with G. Bush's second term...remember "recount" was a word we all got sick and tired of? Anyway, the Canadians up here are all staying up tomorrow night and following it very closely on the internet. In fact we're having a huge party and everyone's bringing their laptops and setting them up to watch what happens! Funny, huh?!