Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Real Rain Man

A few years ago, a movie starring Dustin Hoffman was released titled "Rain Man." It was based on a true story of a mega-savant. The below link shows five different YouTube clips that feature this man, Kim Peek, and his father. It is a most extraordinary story. If you have time, visit the below link. Incredible!


  1. Oh Yes!!
    Right after the move was released, KMJ Ray Appleton had Kim on his show. I was blown away. Not just that but it brought to me, personal, a new understanding and application for this part of our society.


  2. The only thing more amazing than his intelligence is his father's love!

  3. Mervi - it truly is an incredible story.

    Jessica - yes, his father is very devoted to him. Thanks for dropping by. I have to admit, for a moment I thought my oldest son's girlfriend had left a comment. Her name is also Jessica N. But, a different "N" name. LOL

  4. I watched the whole thing and was so intrigued! It struck me as being incredibly sad!

  5. Janell - I really didn't have the time to watch all of it, but I couldn't stop once I started. It was very intriguing and, yes, it was sad. Sad in many ways. Sad for the dad, for Kim's childhood, and sad that his intelligence seems to have been wasted. I also don't recall anything about the mother. Can you imagine the mother's feelings?!?!? WOW!