Friday, November 7, 2008

Christians Need to Repent

For a few weeks, I have been pondering 2 Chronicles 7:14. The scripture begins, "If MY people which are CALLED BY MY NAME....." If we are His people and called by His name then that means the "Christians," the "SAVED" people. THEN, the scripture continues and says, "...will turn from THEIR WICKED WAYS..." Tell me, what are the "wicked ways" of the people of the Name?

The church (people of the Name) has not seriously considered this scripture and diligently sought to discover and remove whatever this wickedness may be. I'm not sure what it is, but I believe it could include the pride of life and lust of flesh. Many of "the church" have become pompous, proud, and seek to fulfill their own fleshly desires above the will of God. There are too many Pharisees in the "people of the name." 2 Corinthians 13 seemingly has been forgotten. Where is charity? Until the "people of the name" realize this, join forces in sincere prayer AND REPENT, America will continue to slide into gross immorality and become further diseased. Christians, it is our obligation to remove all wicked ways from ourselves before God will send healing to our land.


  1. Sis. Allared
    Take the thought you have just brought to light, turn to Ezek 16, probably the longest chapter in the prophets. Then see of you can find, see, grasp any correlation between the your thought and the text.


  2. Great post, Jana. I likewise have had this verse on my heart lately...even closed my message Wed. night with it. There is much in your post worthy of consideration...

    Surely you are not saying that Phariseeism is fleshly, full of pride and not the will of God? :-) TIC


  3. Mervi - What a powerful, yet sad chapter. There is definitely a correlation to my thought.

    MP - Sometimes I feel a need to repent for being so sick of the Phariseeism around me. It causes a huge attitude to rise in me. The only thing that irks me more is sheer stupidity! Guess I need to repent over idiots, too. LOL

  4. This Scripture reminds me of a huge supernatural intervention... like a tongues and interpretation... or a hush that comes over the congregation... or an anointed man of God speaking prophetically. For the Israelites, they had a similar experience after Solomon's prayer. Before God answered Solomon, fire fell from heaven and consumed their sacrifices. The people worshipped and Solomon prayed to God... the singers and musicians all in their right place (7:6). The corporate repentance seen here in this chapter is phenominal, just as God's mercy is promised back corporately. In contemporary times, the closest I've seen to this was the day after 9/11, when America turned to God, humbly, feebly and with conviction. It was a glorious time. Even in our individual cities, I believe this scripture is applicable... and in our churches. We are told to turn from wickedness, to not let it creep in ro to give in to it, to submit to God in humility... on Tuesday we sang "Hear Us From Heaven", one of my fave worship choruses right now that I believe was written from the context of 2 Chronicles. He said he would hear from us and heal our lack of revival (our lands, growth, etc), or heal our finances, or heal even our health (they lived on the lands and depended on it for food). Amen... this is certainly my prayer in this hour. Lord, HEAR US FROM HEAVEN!

  5. James - We know that God not only hears us but knows the very thought and intent of our heart. In one of my husband's recent Wednesday night Bible studies, he mentioned God still wants to hear us vocally. He also pointed out when we vocalize our need, it is letting the enemy know we are trusting God to be our provider. Yet, repentance is needed before God will "hear" us. I think the catch to this is for Christians to understand the wicked ways. One cannot truly repent until they acknowledge their sin, shortcoming, failure, etc. We need to realize the people of the name have wicked ways that need to be recognized, eliminated, and true repentance sought. "Give me a clean heart, O Lord..."

  6. Honey--Fabulous Post! Simple yet so profound. Our prayers are hindered by our wicked ways. God help us to rid ourselves of the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life!

  7. Brian, my love - thanks for your comment. Nothing feels better than to know I have your support. I love you and am glad you are my pastor. Keep preaching to me.

  8. Jana -

    WOW Incredible post....and you are absolutely RIGHT! God help us all to humble our selves and become like HIM.

    Thank you for your edifying post!

  9. Lorraine - glad you dropped by. You are right about humbling ourselves. It takes an humble spirit to repent. Too many Christians have become Pharisees and have forgotten the importance of sincere repentance.